Harriman Cup 2009

Harriman Cup 2009 BP Polo Malaysia player, Chevy Beh participated in Harriman Cup in New York.

This year the Harriman Cup celebrated its 25th anniversary. What is the Harriman Cup? The Harriman Cup is a non-profit organization dedicated to promoting awareness of polo and supporting the collegiate polo programs at Yale and the University of Virginia. Over the past two decades, over $600,000 has been raised for the schools’ undergraduate polo teams. The Harriman Cup was founded in 1984 by Zene Colt, Dick Cauley, Mike McGhee, Tom Shuman, Mike Schram, Steve Orthwein, Sandy Carden and Bill Ylvisaker.

The weather was beautiful last Saturday afternoon. Yale proved victorious and after the game the real festivities began. Word was that the New York Post’s Gossip columnist Richard Johnson was in the crowd which proved to be true. and I had the pleasure of spending the afternoon with talented designer Zang Toi You might remember seeing Zang featured in the “Real Housewives of NY.” He’s one of Jill Zarin’s favorite designers. Joevy is Chevy’s younger brother, and he’s the captain of UVA’s undergraduate polo team, which is currently the National Champion among collegiate teams.. There was beer pong, football, and tailgating (some in limo’s!). A true gathering of the blue bloods.

Pictured below is This is Chevy Beh, who flew in all the way from Malaysia to play. He was awarded the Most Valuable Player of the game. He’s only 23, and he’s already a principal at Compradore Capital. Also below is is Doug Palermo playing polo. His daughter is Olivia Palermo who you might recognize on MTV’s “The City.”

Also pictured below pictured with Zang Toi, and Shaokao is Niki Cheng. The Chengs own BoConcept, and were awarded the Best Small Business Award this year by Mayor Bloomberg. Also in the picture is Tyler Rollins who went to Yale and owns an art gallery in Chelsea. Apparently, Lady Gaga was hanging out at his gallery while he was hanging out with us at the Harriman Cup. Oh, if only he could be at 2 places at once.

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