Invitation from The Indian Polo Association in Delhi to BP Polo for representing Malaysia in International Day

BP Polo has been invited by The Indian Polo Association in Delhi to represent Malaysia
in their organized International Day (India Team vs Malaysia Team) on 2nd March

Enclosed herewith the invitation email from Mr. Peter Abisheganaden, the Executive
Secretary League Coordinator of Royal Malaysian Polo Association for your reading



Congratulations on being selected to represent Malaysia in the International Day
hosted by the Indian Polo Association in Delhi

  • International Day – 2nd March – India vs Malaysia

All the very best for what should be a brilliant day.

Best regards,
Peter Abisheganaden
Executive Secretary & League Coordinator
Royal Malaysian Polo Association

The Malaysian team will be:

  1. Shaffik Mustaffa 2
  2. Joevy Beh 4
  3. Chevy Beh 4
  4. Huzaini Yunos 4